Pilot 3 – BioKube Mars packaged wastewater treatment plant

Location: Jaipur (Rajasthan)/ Kishangarh (Rajasthan)
Pilot Leaders: BioK/MNIT; BioK/CURAJ
Pilot Status: Both the units are installed and working well.

Water challenge in this location: The location in Jaipur has medical wastewater which can be contaminated with a variety of pathogens. The location at CURAJ is typical for cities across India that have no wastewater treatment plants for smaller residential areas.

Benefits of the Technology: Mars plants are ready to install packaged wastewater treatment plant (and hence can be quickly and easily installed) that can be operated in a fully automatic and energy efficient way. Apart for the removal of phosphorous no consumables (chemicals) are required for operation. The filter media is of high quality and can be easily lifted for cleaning purpose. It further features a self-cleaning system using air lift pumps for the post settling. The system is well designed with no moving parts, which translates into very low operational expenditures. It has a guaranteed 25 year lifetime.

Potential for India: As outlined in previously, India is lacking reliable decentralized (smaller-scale) wastewater treatment plants that can meet stricter effluent standards. Hence there is a large demand for such reliable package plants. In particular in situations with clinical wastewaters reliable treatment plants are required.

Scope of replication/upscaling across India: Biokube is already cooperating with Waterneer in India which are selling the plants in India. Hence, upon successful piloting the technologies can be quickly replicated an upscaled across India.

Main outcomes: Monitoring and evaluation is in progress.